We are a Swiss watch brand that offers high-quality watches for its customers. Our high-end watches guarantee precision, comfort, and flair, in addition to lasting value. Expertly crafted, each contains an accurate clock, a distinctive watch face, and premium materials. Oupinke upholds the idea of combining modern design with fashion. Faster logistics, better service, and best quality are the essences of our brand.

Infinite Innovation

Ingenious Design

From Innovation To Heritage

The team of OUPINKE Watches learn traditional Swiss culture and regards"Swiss's exquisite craftsmanship and careful inheritance" as the brand's purpose. The team continues to introduce the advanced technology and core components of the Swiss watches manufacturing industry, making each watch more precise and refined.OUPINKE with the strong design and development strength, each OUPINKE watch craft is designed to make you have a spiritual enjoyment that is beyond the product itself.

Oupinke Team

A lifetime of business.

Oupinke is a brand that has a deep relationship with Swiss watches and reflects its value in its continuous pursuit. Adhering to the production concept of "high quality and workmanship" for Swiss watches , you will have a different life experience

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We Promise 5 Years Warranty

OUPINKE adheres to the concept of combining modern design with fashion and has a superb craftsmanship and a sophisticated watchmaking team. With professional skills and love for the watch industry, they design watches that highlight quality for you. The watch has undergone 5 structural cuts, 7 manual fine polishing, 0.03 high-precision laser engraving, and 193 precision processes to produce more perfect and high-quality watches.